About Us


We have been applying technology to assist organizations to meet their financial goals. This website is dedicated to assist non-profits  such as places of worship, charities, and veteran's groups to increase their donations by an order of magnitude.

We do this through consulting, through internet and social media and through casting spells. Just testing to see if you are awake.

We are doing this for very selfish reasons. We are a for profit organization but what better way is there to make a profit than to help worthwhile organizations to survive and help them make their vision of service a reality.

Our initial consultation is always free and it might just be enough to energize and organize your organization.

We have three business models that our non-profits can choose from:

1. We provide consulting and training on how to increase your contributions.

2. We provide a linked website, manage it, and retain an agreed upon percentage of the donations.

3. We provide consulting and training and assist in the establishment or your special donation website which will be based upon our template. You will be charged consulting fees and a small fee for the use of one of our templates.

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